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I will share with you my experience of 5 years living in Montenegro.

How to spend a vacation in Montenegro?

In my opinion Montenegro is not only a beach country. Yes, of course, here you can swim 4-6 months a year on beautiful beaches. But unique nature and attractions make this country a magical place for active tourists.

Perhaps the ideal holiday in Montenegro is to rent an apartment with a beautiful view in the Bay of Kotor or another place, rent a car (this is better done in advance, for example, here) and travel everywhere, stopping in the most picturesque places.

What is the weather in Montenegro?

I would advise you to come to Montenegro in spring or autumn and enjoy amazing nature, uncrowded ancient cities and clean local air. Weddings and photo shoots in Montenegro are also the best at this time.

Since mid-March the weather is warm but unpredictable. Fruit trees are blooming in March. Amazing wisteria is blossom in April.

Usually summer heat begins in May, but the water is still cool.

Since June oleanders and hydrangea flowers are blooming everywhere in Montenegro. The Adriatic Sea is warm and very clean.

I would not advise to go to Montenegro in July and August especially for families with small children. This time will be suitable for you only if you like noise, loud music, night discos, heat, walks in a crowd of tourists, traffic jams, crowded beaches. This is also the period of the highest prices.

Summer evenings, still warm sea and warm sun wait for you in September.

October is probably my favorite month in Montenegro. Wonderful season, especially if you are lucky with the weather. The sun sets much earlier, so evening swimming is not comfortable, the sea is often warmer than air.

The golden autumn begins on the coast in November. Fall is warm and picturesque but the evenings are already cooler. By the way, autumn sunsets are the most beautiful!

Winter in Montenegro is a smooth transition from autumn to spring. The golden autumn finishes only in December. The nights are cold (0 … 10C), but the days often are warm 14 … 17C. The rainy season, wind and storm can become surprise. Rainy days are wet and cool. The peaks of mountains in the Kotor Bay are covered with snow on the coldest days.

Roses and wild daffodils bloom all winter round. Oranges, tangerines, lemons are everywhere until spring. Mimosa and camellia blossom in February. It means the arrival of a new spring in Montenegro.

To be continued…

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