Publications with my photos

Now my photos are sold all over the world. They are published in magazines, websites, blogs and advertising. My images decorate interiors and become a references for artists’ paintings.

People buy my photographs for different goals and choose them from millions of others. And this is an incredible inspiration for me to move on!

My collaboration with photo agencies is also becoming more productive. I was in the top 10 of photographers in Adobe Stock thrice in the spring of 2020. And the editors from Shutterstock interviewed me for two expert articles: “11 Pro Tips for Showing Technology in Stock Images” and “11 Ways to Create Stock Photos that Actually Sell in a Competitive Market”.

I decided to tell about this here, because while I’ve been in commercial photography for over 10 years, I took up selling my works not so long ago. So my achievements are really important for me now. And when I need energy to go forward, I will look for inspiration here)

My husband jokes that here I should make an impressive headline such as “I’m in Forbes”. But I will write how it actually was. Indeed, American Forbes bought my photo for their article and my name is written under the photo.

Unfortunately, I can find only a small part of my publications. Most of them I will never see. By the way, my followers from the globe send me my photos from the “real world” sometimes.

Actually I am thankful to all my customers for their choice. I really appreciate my models and all the participants of photoshoots. And I’m looking for new people for my photo projects. It’s time to move on!

P.S. I do not urge everyone to become photographers and upload their archives to photo stocks. May be it can sound like a cliche, but this is the same work as any other. But if this is your true passion, and you are ready to work hard, study constantly, over time success will definitely await you.

If you’d like to register on photo stocks you can use the links: Shutterstock, IStock, Adobe Stock.

Please contact me if you are interested in buying my photos.

To be continued…

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