Autumn on Lovcen mountain

Twenty-five turns of a narrow serpentine – and you are on the top of the world. In any case, it seems so because you look down on airplanes taking off the runway, flying birds, “toy” liners and towns.

The road from Kotor to the Lovcen National Park is one of the most picturesque places in Montenegro, but not all travelers visit it.

The reason is narrow mountain serpentine road, where it is quite difficult to near-miss the oncoming traffic. In the summer season, a lot of big tourist buses join the numerous cars which makes driving even harder.

By the way, I saw this road for the first time from the bus window during a wedding photoshoot, and I definitely don’t recommend visiting Lovcen this way.

Sunny October is the perfect time to catch autumn in the mountains. There is no snow and ice yet. And there are less tourists on the road.

The way uphill from the very coast to the top of the mountain (which is 1500 m) takes about 30-40 minutes. But it always takes us much longer, because I want to take photos of every breathtaking view. Moreover, our daughter is not a big fan of serpentine roads, so we have to stop and take short walks quite often.

Summer turns into autumn in half an hour. The landscape colors are changing rapidly, and the air temperature is going down surprisingly quickly. In the fall season, you are very likely to change your swimsuit for a warm jacket.

Going down from Lovcen mountain at sunset is one of the brightest entertainments in Montenegro. Absolutely incredible views open at every turn of the road.

Most of the photos were taken in October 2019. You can see the ship on some of them. But in 2020 all cruise liners were canceled in Montenegro, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

I definitely recommend visiting this unique place if you are traveling around Montenegro. Driving experience, water, snacks and warm clothing will come in handy on this road trip.

If you have enough time before sunset, you can drive a little further and spend some time in the park Ivanovo Korito and Adventure Park Lovcen.

Map coordinates that may be helpful to you on this trip:

  • 42.40099374579396, 18.793306552769476 – the most picturesque observation point.
  • 42.4092891311521, 18.786424801846312 – panoramic cafe.
  • 42.38106511983523, 18.831423888956014 – parking of recreation area and Adventure Park Lovcen.

If you’d like to see beautiful views, but do not plan to go so high, I recommend these viewpoints:

  • 42.39573823139374, 18.76342759128681 – Fortress Gorazda, view of the sunset, Tivat bay and runway of the airport.
  • 42.40694993105411, 18.7766828268511 – view of Kotor bay.

If you need these photos for your projects just contact me.

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