My grandmother

It’s an unusual post for me. But I have a very special reason for it – today my grandmother is celebrating her 80th birthday!

It is so wonderful when the family has a GRANDMA. She is wise and modern, kind and caring, sometimes even too much, like grandmothers should;) Our granny makes the best Napoleon cake (it has been proven!) and the most delicious pastries by her totally magical hands. Three great-granddaughters adore her. But it’s a pity they see her so rare.

Be with us for many years!

This year has changed the plans of all of us due to covid-2019. And it is so frustrating we couldn’t come home to visit loved ones in Chernihiv (Ukraine). Of course, we can stay connected online, however, it is not the same things, I find.

Today I’m baking pies according to my grandmother’s recipe. When familiar smells from childhood come from the kitchen, you can close your eyes and feel a little bit closer.

And since my blog is about photography, I’ll also tell you that my grandmother is one of my favorite models!

I realized this many years ago when I was studying to shoot in the photo studio. My grandmother posed for me. Then her photographs took part in different exhibitions.

Our new photo sessions became the beginning of my work with photo stocks. Now portraits of my grandmother are all over the world, on magazine covers and on BBC News. Here are a few publications that I have found.

If you need these photos for your projects just contact me.

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