Wisteria blooming

Spring in Montenegro is really beautiful. But the most impressive period is a wisteria blooming in the first half of April.

Every year I try to visit all the places when I can enjoy these incredible flowers. And here this saying is more relevant than never before: «Leave nothing for tomorrow which can be done today».

Most of the photos from this post are impossible to repeat. But I really would like to share them with you.

The Dvorana Park in our town Herceg Novi is still one of my favourite places with blooming wisteria trees. This lovely garden amazed me in our first spring in Montenegro. Purple flowers seemed unrealistic in the sunset rays.

And you can’t imagine how disappointed I was the next spring. These long trellis were cut. I had to wait 4 years to make beautiful photos again.

Another pretty place we discovered in Kumbor is near Herceg Novi.

Just imagine the tenderness of fragrant flowers and the sea breeze together. Unfortunately, last year this area became the terrace of the restaurant. And now all flowers are high above your head.

Many people come to Perast in April just to see the blossom wisteria. Lilac flowers adorn the streets of the ancient city. Of course they don’t quite look like a famous Japanese parks. But wisteria tunnels are not found in Europe at all, as far as I know.

Under this tent of blooming wisteria is also a restaurant now, a part of the area is closed. Anyway I hope this place will not lose its charm. But I doubt that I will be able to run barefoot on floral petals here again.

Actually the photographs don’t convey the fullness of my impressions because you can’t enjoy the sweet floral aroma and hear the bees buzzing everywhere.

I wait for wisteria blooming as a great event every year, especially when it happens at the same time as my birthday. I really love to stand under this flower rain and try to remember and save every moment.

By the way, in Japan wisteria is sometimes called – a blue rain.

If you need these photos for your project just contact me.

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