How I became a photographer

It is even strange that I didn’t write this story on my blog before.

In my childhood, I saw a kid’s photo club taking photos in the park. I still remember this feeling, I was literally drawn there! But my parents didn’t allow me to attend it.

So I didn’t take pictures in my childhood and I didn’t even have a camera. But I always admired any beautiful images and created them by myself in all possible ways. I kept seeing shots everywhere.

I was a very creative child. I painted, embroidered, was successfully engaged in many types of needlework and participated in exhibitions.

Everyone who knew me was very surprised when I switched to physics and mathematics in high school, entered the technological university and received a diploma with distinction in engineering.

I missed creativity so much all those years and I returned to watercolor with new inspiration in 2005. However, it was boring for me to paint or create embroidery patterns from other people’s photos. I didn’t hear about copyright at that moment, but intuitively I wanted to create only my own works.

Just in time, the first digital cameras appeared (at that time I didn’t even know they have settings), and the Internet became available.

And that’s when things really started happening: self-education, photoclubs, exhibitions, competitions, victories, awards, solo exhibition in 2007, reports, portraits. I realized I like to take photos of people and their sincere emotions the most.

Is there anyone here who remembers these old photographs?

In April 2009, I was invited to shoot a wedding in a large unfamiliar Kyiv and my work was paid for. I took a chance and suddenly became a highly-demanded commercial photographer.

I had to choose – to stay in a job alien to me or jump into the unknown thing that was my true passion. I guess my decision here is quite obvious. And one of the most interesting parts of this story began.

As a result, I dedicated more than 10 years to wedding and family photography. Meanwhile, our daughter was born, and a new stage of my work and creativity started in Ukraine and later in Montenegro. It was difficult, completely different from working in my native town, but so beautiful and exciting!

All these years I felt absolutely in my element, I took photos of so many wonderful people and found a lot of friends among my customers and colleagues.

However, the time to move on has come, and since 2018 I have been focusing on stock photography. There are more details on this in the posts Greetings and Publications.

This story goes on though, and I don’t know what’s next. But I still adore photography and working with people.

Now I have a desire to return to my old hobbies, which were the reason I started taking photos in the first place. Besides now my daughter often asks me to teach her what I can. I dream of my own art studio in the house. I plan to add new visual directions to my work, make videos, develop further in the domain of photography, take new heights and somehow combine all these things in my reality.

Thanks for your time!

If you have any questions, I’ll have the pleasure to answer on social media, all my contacts are here. And I’m just happy to know that someone reads my blog 😉

To see my current work, welcome to my Instagram, pages on this website Gallery and Purchase photos.

P.S. I also would like to thank everyone who believed in me from the very beginning, supported me, helped with difficult decisions, came to exhibitions, trusted me to capture their most special moments, inspired me with kind words, you can’t imagine how important it was for me then and now❤️

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